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Everyone has a different setup, a different flow, different equipment, different materials.  I thought I'd do a high-level overview of my own mess.  In following blogs I'll go over some details of these stations that make them unique.

Resin Printing Flow:

My resin printers (on left) are heated with reptile heaters inside (I'm in a Georgia garage). I keep them ~75 degrees during the winter.  Each station has an isopropyl alcohol vat directly in front for "rough" rinsing after removal.  An airbrush at each station allows me to blow down the pieces before shifting them to final rinsing. I have two Mono Wash and Cure Plus stations.  The first for rough rinse, the second for fine rinse.  I blow dry and transition into an embedded hot water bath accessed through the bench top.  I "soak" for ~3-5 minutes in 95-105 degree water.  Remove, blow dry, and place in my homemade cure box.

FDM Printing Flow:

Nothing sexy here.  I just have a row of printers.  I'm designing a "hood" to place over the top which will hold 5kg spools, possibly with moisture protection.  

All tables are built of wood since it was cheaper than buying tables. 


FDM: 4x Creality 10SProV2, 1x Creality 10SPro, 1x SnapMaker 350

SLA: 2x Anycubic Mono X

As I get time, I'll create a few detailed blogs on the Resin print sequence.  After a year of printing, I *think* I've dialed in a good flow that works for me and my space.

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