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Ugh….Printer calibrations and tuning

If you 3D print, or you intend to start, the most amazing fun is *tweaking* your printer to resolve unwanted artifacts.  I have spent entire weekends trying to get a blob off a model.  I just spend 20 hours working on one of hundreds of settings.....and I'm not sure I achieved anything.  Below is such a weekend, working retraction....and I got NOWHERE.  I wanted a cute Chihuahua and I got the image on the title of this entry.  On each of my 4 printers.....ha!

I did not know that 3D printing is ~30% joy and 70% utter frustration!  The joy does overcome the frustration because you finally “got it”….but having an 80% print success rate (due to quality) is not enjoyable.

If you’re starting 3D printing, I HIGHLY recommend the “Teaching Tech” Calibration website.


It walks you step-by-step through the calibration process for bigger ticket items.  Your chosen slicer will provide other variables to tweak.  I use Simplify3D.  I find it has enough agility to do the prints that I need sliced, but doesn’t have all the complications that arise from other slicers.  I have noticed limitations…and I think I will eventually grow out of it.  But that’s for later.  

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