Where it all began....

I started my 3D printing journey in 2020, purchasing a SnapMaker from a KickStarter campaign.  The beginning was rough, if you print you know what I mean.  It's this funny journey where at first, you're just glad the thing is working - a marvel.  A period of bliss goes by and then you start to know what looks "correct"....and an endless cycle of calibrating, fixing, tweaking machines begins.  

In late 2020, while playing Battletech with my kids (9 and 11), they asked for different terrain features, so I thought I'd give it a go.  I use Fusion 360, a year ago I was fumbling all over the place.  After about 100 hours in front of my computer, I came up with my first piece, the Double Mech Bay.  The kids loved it and it brought the map sheet to life a little bit.  3D protrusions from a 2D landscape really made a difference.

Then I began building and printing 3D HEX terrain, which made a huge difference for my boys.  A little paint, and we had an entire world of interchangeable HEX terrain that we could sprinkle all over the place.

In January of 2021, my wife recommended I put my Mech Bay on Etsy.  From there, I'm here.  Aside from my active duty Navy day-job, I endlessly design and print.  I probably spend 6-8 hours in my garage a day, starting at 5:30am, going to work, then finishing up at night ~10pm.  

This is all therapeutic for me since I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD. I have found that this cycle of design and create is very helpful to me when my mood is all over the place.

If you are thinking of starting up a shop, please reach out!  I'd love to tell you about all the pitfalls to avoid! (There are about a million, I've mined them all)