Double Mech Bay Game Piece Battletech-Compatible
Double Mech Bay Battletech Tabletop HEX based game piece for your BT game scenarios! Alpha Strike players - let me know and I'll strip the Hexes off the bottom if you like.

This structure holds 2 large mechs (fitted to ATLAS and BULLSHARK....also fits KING CRAB).

This is the scenario....your offensive is on the push and defenders are on the run. You have taken the field and are pressing into the enemy defenses. You arrive at an outpost with a refit facility for the enemy mechs. The mech bays are filled with two partially damaged mechs. You face a weakened defensive force (2 X MED/LIGHT mechs), BUT as the turns go on, the damaged mechs mobilize and join the fight. The longer you take the more defenses the enemy has to engage you. Play with two heavy mechs in the bays with medium to heavy damage. On turn 6, one mech mobilizes and on turn 9 the second mobilizes.

There is an option to mount a control tower OR a large turret to the top. If you want to purchase a turret with the Mech Bay, select "DEFENSE BUNDLE". It includes 1 Large Turret of your choice to include ground hardware to be used separate from the mech bay.

ASSEMBLY IS REQUIRED. Images colored for display only, pieces come unpainted. This is a multi-part game piece. Photos taken are for prototype sizing to demonstrate size compared to mech miniatures.

**If you have ideas or want more landscape around the game piece, contact me and I'll see what we can do! I've made this more compact to fit a tighter game map.

This is a FDM and SLA 3D printed piece. Some cleanup may be required prior to prime and paint.

This print is approximately 250 grams of PLA filament and takes about 40 hours of print time.