I am a 20 year Navy veteran who started all this by introducing my two boys to the  tabletop game Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat.  I have been a fan since my childhood when I collected many Ral Partha metal mechs.  I still have them sitting next to me in a box.  Being able to introduce my boys to the game and the process of building our own game pieces has been priceless for me.  One day I threw a few items up on Etsy and boom.....we were off!  My operation is meager and I am by no means a professional.  I have a strong streak of perfectionism and I am very detailed oriented....so to a fault, I spend HOURS on these models. If I were more proficient I would probably get somewhere, but development for these pieces takes a lot of my time.  

I love this and I would love to help you bring YOUR table to life!  Contact me for custom work or if you have an idea that I can help you with!