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3D Printing

If you don't have a 3D printer and don't want to get into the details of learning how - this is for you.

You provide me a file to print and I will:

-Verify it's a good print file and "fix" any inconsistencies with the file

-Help you choose a medium for the print (SLA - resin /FDM - filament)

-Provide you an estimate of cost (time, material, processing fee, shipping)

-Print the file and send detailed photos of outcome

**At this time, I only print in PLA for FDM.


1$ per machine hour

2 cents per gram of filament / 5 cents per gram of resin

10$ processing fee.

All print failures are my responsibility and are not cost to you.


You have an idea on paper and you want to get it printed - you need a custom 3D design solution.

You submit the contact form with a sketch/sketches.

I will:

-Evaluate your project to make sure it is within my capability

-Conduct a 30 minute phone call with you to get the "whole story" and context for the design.

-Generate your 3D design, including you in the design process to make sure we arrive at your vision.


Basic (Non-Commercial Use): 15$/hour

I will:

-Provide you an estimate of design time

-Provide you 2 revisions

-Provide STL file

-I retain rights to use your print for commercial use

-Offer a reduced prototype 3D printing price if desired

Intermediate (Non-Commercial Use): 25$/hour + print material cost + shipping

I will:

-Provide 3 revisions

-Provide STL file - for your exclusive use

-Provide 1 prototype print/assembly

-Up to 2 30 minute phone calls to discuss project

Commercial: (Commercial File usage) 50$/hour + print material cost + shipping

-Full commercial rights to file - Exclusive use

-1 prototype print/assembly provided

-3 revisions

-Up to 5 30 minute phone calls to discuss project

**I am not a structural/mechanical engineer.  Designs do not hold any liability for physical failure in structural/engineering applications.  I primarily work in the realm of game pieces and decorative prints, but I am open to rapid prototyping any piece.

FUSION 360 and 3D Print COACHING

I'm not a professional, but if you have seen my work you understand what I am capable of.  Do you have an idea and want to learn to design it yourself?  I can sit "side-by-side" with you to design it and get you familiar with the Fusion 360 toolset.  This is by far the most effective way to learn Fusion 360.

Provide as much information as you can in the Coaching Inquiry form below.

**This is live training/coaching**

If you don't have your own project, I can provide a project we can build together that encompasses a set of skills to begin learning Fusion 360.

I will:

-Assess my ability to help you with your project and we will schedule a time to knock it out.

-Provide a written summary of tools discussed/used

-Provide you the project file I develop with you for reference

-Provide a list of recommended "next steps" for your Fusion 360 experience.

*if I can get screen recording to work, I will provide that as well*


30$/hour (min of one hour) + option to print at a discount.