This is where I "park" my ideas for new products and where they get developed.  As the idea enters the design phase, the idea gets higher on the list.  As I start to have an initial product and prototype in-hand, I start a reduced price offer for a set of prototypes. This payment helps "fund" my development AND gives an AWESOME break on a pile of new product.  Generally, these items/sets go for ~50% off intended sale price.  I do this to gauge interest and to get direct feedback on the pieces themselves.  I only offer a few of these "Early Bird" sets because those who purchase them have direct input into the final product - which will be reflected in the pieces they receive.  

The list is organized as follows:

RED: Idea parked for further development.  If you notify me that this interests you, it will get elevated, depending on popularity.

YELLOW: In the queue for design work.  At this point I hand sketch ideas and try to get my arms wrapped around how this piece would interact in a scenario.  I also do some mild research on rules, etc.....

GREEN:  Full blown design in progress.  At this point I hope to have 1 to 3 different approaches to the design.....configuration changes, HEX real estate, etc.

WHITE:  Designs at 75-85% and the "Early Bird" packages posted.  These packages do NOT get listed with all other products, they will only be found here in the R&D lab.