TGA Micro-Campaigns

TGA Micro-Campaigns provide a "turn-key" scenario sequence for those new to the Battletech tabletop gaming system.  These campaigns are NON-CANON, providing an immediate immersion into a tactical sequence to include "drip-intel" and combat messaging style of preparation.  Campaigns are built in 3 scenario sequences. Depending on desire for duration, these sequences can be linked together to form a chain of Micro-Campaigns, helping you to further develop your own campaign sequences.  

As you delve deeper into the BT universe, this is what you WILL do.  Some people I have met ONLY provide Game Master/Controller services during campaign play and do not run their own Lance/Star.  This is a whole other facet to this amazing game! I do not intend these campaigns to be an utter replacement for your own creativity and technical understanding of the various rule sets.  What I have done here is provided a starting point, framework, some integration of "higher-level" rules, with dynamics that will keep the campaign fresh each time.  

TGA Micro-campaigns are Chaos Campaign:Succession Wars rules-based, integrating existing foundations to smooth a transition into more complex play up to and including the 
Total Warfare(TW) ruleset.  Each scenario contains technology, tactics, enhancements, etc. from the following references:

1.  Battletech: Tactical Operations
2. Battletech: Battlemech Manual
3. Battletech: Total Warfare

These are also built under the structure of having an independent, third-party, Game Master/Controller.  This provides for an unaccountable tactical dynamic to each scenario and a surprise around every hex.

get your friends and start a war!

What does it look like?

Below shows a general flow of information and scenarios that make-up TGA Micro-Campaigns.  Overall, the Game Master/Controller feeds the process, allowing the tactical situation to develop over a period of time.  This results in a natural/realistic flow from mission receipt, force preparation, deployment, and execution.  My background in the military feeds this process and I'm sensitive to providing only what the force commander may have at his/her disposal when deploying into a tactical situation. (Disclaimer: I've never driven a mech.)

As the Campaign progresses, battle damage occurs and carries forward.  Intelligence continues to flow in and the objectives change depending on the outcome of the battle.  The Warchest Point system is used to accumulate the ability to purchase, repair, and replenish your forces.  Depending on the magnitude of objective success, spoils of war are added to your arsenal and tactical advantage is gained. These concepts are repetitions of those found in Battletech: Chaos Campaign - Succession Wars.

Micro-Campaigns can be linked together providing a near-endless sequence of scenarios arriving at ultimate objectives.  The Game Master/Controller provides the "linking" between Micro-Campaigns, things like:


-Reinforcement opportunities

-Changes in deployment orders/objectives

-Casualties, losses

-Logistics complications

-Technical setbacks

Those who are victorious at the end of a Micro-Campaign gain "advantage" through Campaign Points (CP).  At the start of each Micro-Campaign, each side may choose to "spend" their CP.  This CP equates to direct Warchest Point (WP)/Support Point (SP) conversions OR advantages in the Micro-Campaign specific to the scenario sequence.  Advantages vary depending on the Micro-Campaign and the associated sequences and once spent, CP advantages do not carry over into the next Micro-Campaign.

So what?!  what do I do next?

The links below take you to pages where the 3-Scenario TGA Micro-Campaigns reside.  In these links I provide 3 options for each Micro-Campaign.  

MICRO Campaign Overview

micro campaign and support materials

"full monte" campaign sets

Free Item: Take my Tactical Sequences and integrate your own intelligence, constraints, objectives, etc.  These are simply models and compilations of what you would find across the internet when doing a search for "Battletech Scenarios" or "Campaigns".  You WON'T find replications of published "Battletech Universe" works here - that's all copyrighted material. You WILL find scenarios that are similar across all gaming systems - there just aren't that many of them.  What makes scenarios unique are the context they are set in and the tactical limitations imposed on both sides of the map.

Purchased Item: Here is the package containing ALL the Campaign materials used by the Game Master/Controller to run the Micro-Campaign.  This includes:

1. Directive/Order Messages

2. "drip" Intelligence sequences

3. List of required map sets for the campaign

**I am working on two versions, one with official BT map sets that come in released box sets AND layouts for tournament sized game mats.  

4. Ruleset summaries for applicable weapons, tactics, etc.  

5. Scenario modifiers that the GM/GC can enact as well as executing some scenarios variables that affect BOTH sides of the battle.  

6. Pre-built map set representations locating terrain and other significant items, providing the GM/GC a consolidated battlefield overview.

7. Worksheets for both "offensive" and "defensive" teams to keep track of deployed forces, etc. 

This will be available in two methods:

1. e-Copy (PDF)

2. Paper copy on quality paper/card stock/lamination

Purchased Item: Full Monte Micro-Campaign sets include the Game Master/Controller package AND related 3D printed models.  These come in a few flavors:

1.  Micro-Campaign Package + all objectives (power plants, turrets, mechbays, etc)

2.  Micro-Campaign Package + some objectives (smaller package without larger game pieces like the HPG station)

3.  Micro-Campaign Package + all objectives + associated terrain sets. (This one is spendy $$).

*Objective and Terrain sets are sold at significant discounts compared to individual purchase.  All campaign sets ship FREE.


JULY 2021

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