Turrets add a new dynamic to your BattleTech gaming experience. Static structures armed with an array of weapons mirroring those of your favorite mechs, these units provide a favorable advantage at a lower BV cost. What these units lose in mobility, they gain in a stable firing platform round to round.

There are several options provided for the turrets available. You can either choose by turret size (small, medium, large) or you can choose by munition type. For instance, if you want a unit that will survive a majority of the battle, you want more armor and that comes in a bigger turret. Or say you want a missile boat for an indirect firing specialty, then select by munition.

On each turret information page, there will be general “house rules” to get your piece on the board quickly and start your skirmish or campaign. Battle values listed are approximations that have not been painstakingly calculated (I’m working on that).



There are two size choices, Standard and Micro. From the pictures, you can see the Micro units are scaled down ~50%. This provides an option for those of you who are scale ninjas….although I may have missed that mark. Micro units are slightly less detailed, more fragile, better fit for scale comparison to a mech, and great fun to paint! Every turret is available in a micro option as well as other accessories to match.



One size does not necessarily fit all. The four choices below provide a method of selecting your turret by munition. We have it all. Having a small array of options at your fingertips will provide you with a better employment strategy. In mountainous terrain? Perhaps a powerful mid-range PPC-style turret is the one for you. Maybe some hills require some missile rain, plenty of those here. Hybrid turrets are ones that have multiple types of munitions carried onboard (energy + missiles, etc)


Auto Cannon

Light Gauss Rifle

Rotary AC

Ultra AC





Snub-Nose PPC

X-Pulse Laser





Narc MSL Beacon

Rocket launcher


SRM-6 + Light PPC


Turrets at Level I come with a normal level of armor consistent with size. In order to survive the battle as a static unit, enhanced armor can also be used. Increased turret and foundation protection ensure your unit holds off the enemy at least another round. For instance, a small turret can be quickly wiped away with a well place PPC shot.  

Collection selection

DIfference Between Sizes & 

Size advantages





rule for gameplay

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